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Relationship Chain Related

Module Overview


SDK related to friends and blacklist.

Module NameBrief Description of Module Function
setFriendListenerListener related to the friend relationship chain
addFriendAdd a friend
checkFriendCheck if the other party is on your friend list
getFriendListRetrieve friend list
getSpecifiedFriendsInfoObtain specified friend information
setFriendRemarkSet friend remark
searchFriendsSearch for friends
deleteFriendRemove a friend
getFriendApplicationListAsRecipientGet the friend application list
getFriendApplicationListAsApplicantGet the list of sent friend applications
acceptFriendApplicationAccept friend application request
refuseFriendApplicationDecline friend application
addBlackAdd to blacklist
getBlackListRetrieve blacklist
removeBlackRemove from blacklist