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Conversation Related

Module Overview


Related to Conversations

Module NameBrief Module Function Description
setConversationListenerSet conversation-related listener
getAllConversationListGet the list of conversations
getConversationListSplitPaginate the list of conversations
getOneConversationFetch a single conversation
getMultipleConversationGet multiple conversations by their IDs
getConversationIDBySessionTypeRetrieve the conversation ID
getTotalUnreadMsgCountGet the total count of unread messages
markConversationMessageAsReadClear the unread count for the conversation
setConversationDraftSet a draft for the conversation
pinConversationPin the conversation to the top
setConversationRecvMessageOptSet do not disturb status for the conversation
setConversationPrivateChatEnable or disable self-destructing messages
setConversationBurnDurationSet self-destructing message destruction time
resetConversationGroupAtTypeReset the @ flag
hideConversationHide the conversation
hideAllConversationHide all conversations
deleteConversationAndDeleteAllMsgDelete conversation and its messages
clearConversationAndDeleteAllMsgDelete messages in the conversation