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Group Related

Module Overview


SDK related to groups.

Module NameBrief Module Function Description
setGroupListenerSet listener
createGroupCreate group
joinGroupApply to join a group
inviteUserToGroupInvite user to the group
getJoinedGroupListGet list of joined groups
searchGroupsSearch groups
getSpecifiedGroupsInfoGet specified group information
setGroupInfoModify group information
getGroupApplicationListAsRecipientReceive group join requests
getGroupApplicationListAsApplicantSent group join requests
acceptGroupApplicationApprove group join request
refuseGroupApplicationDecline group join request
getGroupMemberListGet list of group members
getSpecifiedGroupMembersInfoGet specified list of group members
searchGroupMembersSearch group members
setGroupMemberInfoModify group member information
getGroupMemberOwnerAndAdminGet group owner and administrators
getGroupMemberListByJoinTimeFilterGet group members list by join date
kickGroupMemberRemove member from group
changeGroupMemberMuteMute or unmute group member
changeGroupMuteMute or unmute group
transferGroupOwnerTransfer group ownership
dismissGroupDisband group
quitGroupLeave group