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Module Overview


Details for Event Listeners callbacks.

Module NameBrief Module Functionality
onProgressCallback for request progress
onFriendApplicationAddedNotification for new friend application
onFriendApplicationRejectedNotification when a friend application is rejected
onFriendApplicationAcceptedNotification when a friend application is accepted
onFriendApplicationDeletedNotification when a friend application is deleted
onFriendAddedNotification for added friend
onFriendDeletedNotification for deleted friend
onFriendInfoChangedNotification for changes in friend's details
onBlackAddedNotification for added blacklist entry
onGroupMemberAddedNotification for new group member
onGroupMemberDeletedNotification for a member leaving the group
onGroupMemberInfoChangedNotification for changes in group member's info
onJoinedGroupAddedNotification for new group joined
onJoinedGroupDeletedNotification for a joined group being deleted
onGroupInfoChangedNotification for changes in a joined group's info
onGroupApplicationAcceptedNotification for accepted group application
onGroupApplicationAddedNotification for new group application
onGroupApplicationDeletedNotification for deleted group application
onGroupApplicationRejectedNotification for rejected group application
onGroupDismissedCallback after a group is disbanded
onRecvNewMessageReceipt of new message
onRecvC2CReadReceiptRead receipt for individual chat message
onRecvGroupReadReceiptRead receipt for group chat message
onNewRecvMessageRevokedCallback for message revocation
onSyncServerStartStart of syncing server session
onSyncServerFinishCompletion of syncing server session
onSyncServerFailedFailure of syncing server session
onNewConversationArrival of new conversation
onConversationChangedChanges in key information of some conversations
onTotalUnreadMessageCountChangedNotification for changes in total unread messages