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Brief Description

  • Modify the global do not disturb status for a specified user.

Request Method

  • post

Request URL

  • http://x.x.x.x:10002/user/set_global_msg_recv_opt
Header NameExample ValueOptionalTypeDescription
operationID1646445464564RequiredstringoperationID for global link tracking
tokeneyJhbxxxx3XsRequiredstringAdministrator token

Request Parameter Example

"userID": "11111112",
"globalRecvMsgOpt": 0
Field NameOptionalTypeDescription
userIDRequiredstringUser ID
globalRecvMsgOptRequiredintGlobal message reception setting, 0 for normal reception and push, 2 for normal reception but no offline push.

Successful Response Example

"errCode": 0,
"errMsg": "",
"errDlt": ""

Explanation for Successful Response Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
errCodeintError code, 0 means success
errMsgstringBrief error message, empty if no error
errDlterrDltDetailed error information, empty if no error
dataobjectGeneral data object, specific structure below

Failed Response Example

"errCode": 1004,
"errMsg": "RecordNotFoundError",
"errDlt": "userID not found[1004]RecordNotFoundError"

Explanation for Failed Response Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
errCodeintError code, refer to the global error code document
errMsgstringBrief error message
errDlterrDltDetailed error information